Morrie Luft: What my clients have to say

Morrie Luft has helped numerous clients in fighting their criminal charges. Read exactly what past clients have to say.

From A.M.:  “I want to personally thank you for your long and patient hard work on the case. Big Relief!  Now the family can look forward to a great upcoming wedding.  You are awesome and a fair lawyer!  Be Blessed.”

From D.J.: “Thank you Morrie. It’s not every day that a person gets a second chance.”

From J.J.: “Morrie Luft is very well-spoken and easy to understand! I have retained many lawyers in the past, who I’ve paid big bucks to and they couldn’t get the job done half as smoothly as Morrie did. I have had two matters which Morrie delt with for me and he handled them very professionally and never backed down from a challenge. If I ever was to get into any trouble with the law, Morrie will be the first man I turn to! Thanks for all the help Morrie, couldn’t of done it without you.”

From C.S.: “Morrie Luft is the best lawyer. Him and his team are amazing. Thank you Morrie Luft. If you are ever in trouble, call Morrie Luft.”

From R.L: “I was down and out, but against all odds, Morrie Luft brought me back. He is a phenomenal lawyer who fought ceaselessly and passionately for my rights. I can’t thank him enough and would never turn to anyone else when faced with a criminal charge.”

From B.L: “Morrie Luft is the best lawyer in TO.   I was charged a few times last year and  Morrie successfully defended me each time.   He had great advice for me and is such a nice guy. I am going to use Morrie if I am ever charged again and you should too.”

From K.G: “Morrie Luft is an amazing lawyer. He has devoted his career to defending people who have been charged with criminal offences. He is always available to answer questions that I have about our criminal justice system. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is accused of a criminal offence.

From S.R.: “Mr. Luft is a great criminal lawyer. I owe him a huge thank you for how quickly he dealt with my case. My ex-girlfriend charged me with domestic assault. I contacted Mr. Luft after a friend recommended him to me. Mr.Luft  spoke with the officer before I turned myself in. When we met, he gave me very useful and practical advice about my legal rights. I immediately hired him to fight my case for me. This decision was one of the best I could have made. After I was arrested, we meet several times to discuss my case and discuss the case against me. Mr. Luft was professional and diligent. He really paid attention to the details. When my case went to trial, I was very impressed with his work. At the end of my trial, I was found “not guilty” and rightfully so. I will forever recommend Mr. Luft to anyone who is ever charged with a criminal offence.”

Morrie Luft